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Mokichi Okada Research Center – Agricultural research and development to promote farmers prosperity and consumers health.

Mokichi Okada Research Center develops researches in agriculture and livestock based on Nature Farming, agricultural model advocated by Mokichi Okada (Japan, 1882-1955). Our activities encompass three main approaches: soil natural fertility and resilience capacity; organic seeds bred to organic market and agroecological productions and nutritional and welfare handling of the livestock systems.

The World food demands and sustainable agricultural models development

According to FAO, by 2050 there will be 9 billion people living on earth. In order to attend the food demand from all population, the agricultural activities have to reach a balance between the foods and fibers production and the environment preservation, which has been strongly harmed by current conventional agriculture model.

Moreover, the worldwide engagement for renewable energy sources has led the agriculture to be a significant energy producer, especially biofuel. However, the necessity for farmland expansion to cultivate this plants has been causing a strongly competition with food production areas. The heavy impact on the social and environmental issues, as well as the troubles on consumers and farmers’ health, requires a broad discussion.

Driven by this enormous challenge, Mokichi Okada Research Center develops agricultural researches, towards the efficient use of biomass, the adjustment of soil chemical, physical and biological properties, the nutrients bioavailability from soil, as well as the alternative control for plant pests and diseases. Moreover, vegetables and grains seeds adapted for agroecological model are bred. In the livestock production topics, researches focused on the welfare criteria and nutritional strategies are also performed and this aims is reach animal which are naturally able to overcome health challenges without use of antibiotics, chemotherapy and growth-promoters.


Nature Farming

The research is based on the agricultural model referred as Nature Farming, advocated by a Japanese philosopher and spiritualist, Mokichi Okada (1882-1955), who developed an extensive studies and practices about agriculture, politics, economy, education, moral, art, medicine and religion.

The Okada’s method comprises a theoretical base that favors human health and sets the environment as an intrinsic part of the productive process. The most important for people is to understand and to apply the process that occur in native ecosystems, as a keystone to achieve the suitable crop yield and high quality food by soil improvement. Mokiti Okada says that the Earth's core radiates the energy that promotes vigor and fertility of the soil and all the plants nitrogen demand can be supplied for natural process from the soil. Therefore, applying soluble chemical fertilizers and livestock manures, even from composting, is unnecessary and that is a big mistake to soil health and such inputs change the soil functional property, compromising the soil crop yield capacity leading it to the complete exhaustion.

Also he states that the soil ecosystem becomes more specialized to a plant species when it is cultivated at the repetitive way on the same place. Despite the repetition, nutrients replacement is unnecessary and the more the soil is cultivated, the more functional it becomes. Mokichi Okada was very concerned to engage consumers and farmers into a sustainable model for agriculture and food production, integrating them into an important value chains, providing prosperity to the rural population, social benefits to the urban population ensuring health and welfare for them.

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